The Importance of Praise and Worship – Why and How

In the Christian world, we hear a lot about praise and worship, and the ministries dedicated to them. But why is this part of the Christian life so important? What is the importance of praise and worship? Let’s emerge ourselves in it for a closer look.

Why praise and worship are so important?

Importance of praise and worship - worshipBecoming Christian means entering into the family of God. By accepting Jesus’s sacrifice, we receive new life and the Holy Spirit comes and dwells in us. Does this mean we become like God? To an extent, yes we do. The big difference is that we are not the source of life but we take part in it and should bear supernatural fruit. As Jesus says in John 15:5“I’m the vine and you are the branches, who abides in me and I in him, bears much fruit”. So how can we live such a life and what is the importance of praise and worship in it?

Worship is what allows us to live connected with God. Through worship, not only do we connect with God, but we are also transformed into His image, to be more like Him.

Praise is the confession of the character of God, which allows us to enter into His presence.

This is why these activities are so vital for our spiritual life. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to experience the closeness of God and live the relationship which allows us to be alive.

Man can’t live without worshipping something. This is why even people who proclaim themselves as unbelievers end up worshipping themselves, their jobs, or anything with which they try to fill the emptiness inside of themselves. Man was created to worship and cannot separate himself from this reality!

The importance of community praise and worship

Importance of praise and worship - community worshipAnd what about the importance of praise and worship on a community level? If it is such an important activity for our personal relationship with God, why do we need to do it every Sunday at church?

We need to keep in mind that not only do we live a relationship with God individually, but we also live it as part of a body. How can a body be a body if its cells are not connected?

Paul talks about not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together (Hebrews 10:25), and we also need to exhort one another.

Community praise and worship is a time to celebrate, to exalt God, and win spiritual battles, but it’s also a time for repentance and crying out to God. Common assembly is also a time to remember what God has done for his people — celebrating communion for example.

Often in a gathering, the community experiences on a community level what the singular members are experiencing at home during the same time, and gathering together strengthens us and shapes us at the same time.

How do we praise and worship? 

In the Bible, there are many commands and exhortations to praise and worship.


  • Importance of praise and worship - serviceSinging
  • Playing instruments
  • Clapping the hands
  • Dancing

When it comes to worship we could extend it to:

  • Spontaneous singing
  • Offerings
  • Service
  • Sacrifice
  • Teaching and exhorting
  • Having communion

All of these activities fall under the umbrella of worship, and some of them under the category of praise.
Something that I love is that in the Bible we do not see any commands as to what style these activities should be. I believe this is why the Gospel can reach all nations and all tribes. All tongues will confess that Jesus is Lord!

Something to consider is that the importance of praise and worship is not just related to these acts. When we read Jesus’s words in the gospels, we understand that these activities don’t mean a thing if they are not related to a relationship. Doing them without that connection leads us to do meaningless religious activities which kill our relationship with God.

The importance of praise and worship – It’s all about relationship 

Importance of praise and worship - loveMany times in the Bible, Jesus makes it quite clear that He is not looking for activities but for intimate relationships. We see many analogies referring to this, such as the vine and the branches and the good shepherd and his sheep. However, the one that probably represents this intimacy the most is the analogy of the bride and the groom.

Of course, our actions matter, but we cannot base our relationship just on our service. Our service must be a result of the love and the outcome of our relationship with God. Jesus rebukes the Pharisees since they only focused on the external without caring about what really mattered. This led them to be blind to what the real heart of God was and still is — a deep, intimate relationship with Him.

In the Bible, God underlines that what He is looking for is love, compassion, and especially obedience. Obedience comes by hearing from Him, understanding His will and especially His heart. Our acts of praise of worship have to be in line with our relationship. They should reflect the love that we have for our God.

We can’t say that we love God and that we hate our brother. We can’t say that we love God but we don’t take care of the needy and the poor. We can’t say that we love God but we’re happy to live in sin. God wants us to live a life that reflects His character, and we can only do this by being close to Him and being transformed into His image.

Final thoughts

I believe that praise and worship should be regular actions in our lives, and that we should do them out of a desire for closeness with God, not because we want to feel good that we did a religious activity.

I hate religion when it’s empty. I believe that it kills the life in us and it’s a barrier to actually knowing God in a personal way. This is why Jesus hated it too.

I hope this article helps restore the desire in all of us to go deeper into our relationship with God.

Feel free to ask any questions or to leave a comment below.

God bless



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Author: Andy

I'm Andrea Gatti (Andy). I love the arts, especially music. My dream is to see my home country of Italy and all the nations blossom in their unique identity, each one expressing its specific character for the glory of God.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Praise and Worship – Why and How

  1. Hi Andy

    I love to praise and worship and today we need, I think to worship more than just a thing we do once a week.

    You explained the difference very well and praise and worship in a community can make such a big difference.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hello and thank you for this article! I can completely relate to this article of yours. I firmly believe that what you are doing for others, you also do it to our God and His Son Jesus Christ. I also believe that the true Church of our God is within our hearts. This is where He lives, in our hearts. Compassion for strangers is something I always practice whenever I have the chance. And we should always treat others with respect regardless of your status.

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