Roland td 27kv Electronic Drum Review

Electronic drums are becoming a great tool for churches and any other environment. Years ago, I would not have recommended the use of an e-drum. At the time I was actually having my own personal battle against them due to the fact that the feel was very unrealistic and quite distant from an acoustic kit.

However, the jump in quality in the last years has made them amazing. The kits are no longer similar to practice pads and they’re sensitivity has reached realistic levels in an impressive way. In this area, Roland has led the market, always researching to find the quickest and most realistic response for the pads — I can honestly say they are doing a great job.

Let’s take a look at the latest e-drum from Roland, the Roland td 27kv. It’s just a step below the td50 line (which is the supercar of the electronic drums) but at a much lower price.


The Roland td 27kv is an evolution of the Roland td17 (which is already a great drum kit for its price), incorporating elements from the td 50 line and the tm6.

  • Roland-td-27kv-Ride-CymbalThe ride cymbal: This kit stands out for the quality of its innovative ride cymbal of 18″. I think this is the best one on the market. It has a 3 zone trigger including the bell, the body and the edge which allows us to crash it. This new ride has an amazingly flexible body that gives it a natural feel. The sound also has a beautiful, very realistic delay.


  • Roland-td-27kv-Snare-DrumAnother great pad in this kit is the snare drum. It’s a 14″ snare, which is great and the sensitivity is amazing. On this snare, it’s possible to hear all the little details, like playing a press roll or any little embellishment the drummer would do in his execution. The 3-ply heads give it an amazing feel and response. Finally, Roland has figured out that drummers also like playing side-stick so this snare is able to capture the weight of the hand on the drum by switching on the edge sensor to give the click sound of a real snare drum.


  • The toms are the pdx100 with a dual-zone trigger and 2-ply heads


  • Roland-td-27kv-TomsThe kick pad is the kd10 like the Roland td17 which has a felt pad. This pad is not amazing because of its size but it does the job. It’s very sensitive but due to its size, it doesn’t give the feel of a 22″ bass drum. It has enough space for the 2 beaters of a double pedal.


  • The Hihat is the vh10. The sensitivity of the open-close trigger is amazing. It’s very realistic, though I wish it was bigger than 10″.


  • The crashes are a cy12 and a cy13 of 12″ and 13″. They are super responsive and realistic. (I would use the 13″ as the hi-hat and the 10″ hi-hat as a crash.)

Remember that the kit does not come with the hi-hat stand or the drum pedal.

Roland offers its own line of hardware.

The drum module

Roland-td-27kv-Drum-ModuleThe drum module of the Roland td 27kv is great and at the same time very simple. It’s even easier and quicker to learn than the td17 module. I like its simple design.

  • The module features 700 sounds and the sd card can hold up to 500 additional custom sounds. You can also add your personal songs to the already existing list.


  • Mute groups is an ability that the module has to cut a long sound as soon as another pad has been played. (For example, if playing with an effect on the kick, as soon as the snare drum is hit the sound of the kick will immediately be cut). This is an amazing tool to allow clarity in the execution without messing up all the sound.


  • The knobs get illuminated with different colors according to the kit that has been chosen with the ability to customize them. Also, many adjustments like choosing the instruments, tuning them, the ability to add muffling, and adjusting the volume can all be done directly with the knobs. The ambiance feature is not on a knob like in the td17.


  • The selection of the Roland td 27kv kit is done the same as on the td17 using a jog wheel.


  • Click, coach mode, and record are on buttons above the wheel. It’s possible to record and get coached on your playing, as well as play on top of music and record all of it together.


  • Roland-td-27kv-ScreenKit edit button — this allows importing and exporting of the sounds and songs from the sd card


  • Through the system button, you access the Bluetooth, the sd card, triggers and so on. There is also the possibility to reset to the original settings if needed.

Inputs and outputs


  • Phones
  • Mix in
  • Midi in
  • 3 digital trigger (2 are used and 1 is extra to add components to the set)
  • Trigger in: has extra inputs to expand the kit
  • Roland-td-27kv-Input-and-OutputsFoot SW: this input allows the switching of kits while playing through the use of a pedal


  • Master
  • Direct out: these outputs allow the module to send a separated mix from the main (for example, there could be two different mixes, one in the main and one in the direct out)
  • If using the Roland td 27kv for recording, it’s possible to have 28 different tracks

Roland td 27kv – My opinion

Roland td 27kv-Toms As you can probably already tell, I really like the Roland td 27kv. I believe the price is probably the best in this price range. If we consider the characteristics of this kit such as the amazing snare, the innovative ride, the sensitivity and response of the pads, and the great drum module, then I think there are a lot of pros to consider.

Looking at the cons, I honestly don’t understand why Roland is still stingy on the sizes of the pads. At this point, because of the evolution of electronic drums, but also looking at the competition between different companies, I believe that a drum kit of this level should have regular sized pads. I don’t mean they should be as deep as an acoustic kit since I don’t think this is necessary and in my opinion, this can be uncomfortable because it makes it difficult to transport and the kit would take up a lot of space. However, I would love to see these pads as regular sizes, I mean 10″, 12″, 14″ toms, and a 14″ hi-hat. For the ride, I think 18″ is not bad, but the crashes could be bigger too.

In any case, if I had to choose between having a realistic response with slightly smaller pads I would go for the realistic feel. Other brands may offer bigger pads, but the response is still not as good as Roland.

Pros and Cons


  1. Roland td 27kv-KitAmazing ride cymbal
  2. Amazing snare drum
  3. Great kit
  4. Easy to use
  5. Roland quality
  6. Very sensitive
  7. Not to expensive

Cons :

  1. Sizes of the toms
  2. Size of the Hi-hat
  3. Size of the kick drum



Final thoughts

I honestly believe that the Roland td 27kv is a great kit. I still believe Roland is holding back for not releasing larger sized pads, but with this kit, they went up a big step when you consider the snare drum and the ride cymbal. I do believe Roland is leading the electronic market when it comes to drums and percussions.

I hope you have enjoyed the article, feel free to ask any questions and leave a comment below.

Click here if you want to check out the Roland td17 kvx 

God bless you,


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6 thoughts on “Roland td 27kv Electronic Drum Review

  1. Hello,
    I’m a music enthusiast myself, playing guitar is one of my hobbies. So I like to read about music and instruments whenever I have time to do so. I was aware of electronic drum kits, but to be honest I didn’t know that they are so good and practical. I checked the price of the Roland td 27kv on amazon and I think the price is more than reasonable, considering the preferences of the kit.
    Thank you for your review, I’ve learned a lot.
    All the best

  2. I am proud to say that I have a little drumming experience. PLUS, I know of a few drummers…my husband, my brother, my brother-in-law, my son and a few friends as well. However, I’ve never tried using an electronic drum set. I’ve seem them at music stores. One day while I’m browsing the music stores I’ll be sure to check some out especially the ones that you’ve suggested.

  3. Wow, this is so cool! I have never seen an e-drum this advanced. I used one once before but it was nothing this far along with technology. Great read. I would love to own one of these. You also did a very good job with organizing your content. I give 2 thumbs up!

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