Discover What is God’s Redemptive Plan – The Role of Mankind

As Christians, we know that Jesus came to earth to save us from our sins. But is that what it’s all about? Is there more to it, or is it only about not going to hell? It’s up to us to discover what is God’s redemptive plan that goes beyond our salvation, as seen in Proverbs 25:2 (New King James Version):

2  It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,
But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

Let’s unveil part of this mystery and see how we can fully live the purpose of God in our lives.

The original plan

As we all know, God never intended for mankind to live a life apart from Him. He created us for a relationship and to be with Him forever. The Bible also shows that God designed man to rule the Earth. God’s pleasure is to see us functioning in our role, and when we do so things work and flow in a good way. Originally, man had full access to everything he needed and the earth produced fruit on its own.

Discover-What-is-God's-Redemptive-Plan-EarthGenesis 1:28-30  

28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them,
“Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have
dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air,
and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

29 And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed
which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose
fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food. 

30 Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything
that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given
every green herb for food”; and it was so.

In Genesis, we can see what is God’s redemptive plan by looking at the original plan. As we read in Gen 1:28, man was called to fill the earth and subdue it. As we go on in the chapter we see God inviting Adam into a partnership with Him by asking Him to name the animals of the earth.

Genesis 2:19 And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name. 

In these chapters, we can see not only that man had everything he needed without having to work for it, but also that Adam was partnering in God’s creation. This is amazing and it touches my heart. However, we need to see it from the right perspective. This doesn’t mean God’s provision for Adam’s needs is an invitation not to work. The purpose of God for Adam was that he would work and maintain order on the earth, but he didn’t need to worry about his needs since God was taking care of him.

The fall

Discover-What-is-God's-Redemptive-Plan-Broken-PlateThere wouldn’t be any need to discover God’s redemptive plan if there hadn’t been a disruption to the harmony between God, man, and all creation.

In Genesis chapter 3, we see the consequences of man’s disobedience and the result of the broken harmony between God and His creation.

Man’s choice to know what was good and evil led Him to be independent from God. As a result of this, not only did man open the door for sin on Earth but he also broke dependency he had on God. Adam and Eve chose to work their own way without God’s blessing. Ultimately, this led to pain and suffering as we see in Genesis 3:16-17 (New King James Version):

16 To the woman He said:

“I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception;
In pain you shall bring forth children;
Your desire shall be for your husband,
And he shall rule over you.”

Discover-What-is-God's-Redemptive-Plan-Ground17 Then to Adam He said, “Because you have heeded the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree of which I commanded you, saying, ‘You shall not eat of it’:

“Cursed is the ground for your sake;
In toil you shall eat of it
All the days of your life.

From that moment, man was not free to live the life he was called to live since He now had to worry about taking care of himself. The partnership with God was broken, and along with it, the meaning of life. The earth had no one taking care of it according to God’s way, and the purpose God had for mankind had to be rediscovered.

Restoration through the cross

Discover-What-is-God's-Redemptive-Plan-SalvationSince God never intended for man to live a life without Him, he designed a plan, not only to save mankind but also to redeem all creation and bring it back to His original design through the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ.

The difference between us and Adam is that Adam had a relationship with God, but he chose not to maintain it. It is our choice to reestablish that lost relationship and also to discover what is God’s redemptive plan for us and all mankind.

When we accept Jesus as our savior, not only do we accept his sacrifice to redeem us, but we are also called to live the partnership that was lost in the beginning.

In the “Sermon on the Mount,” Jesus explains the principles of the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33, NKJV):

33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Jesus commands us not to worry about ourselves, but to seek the kingdom first and He will take care of us.

Discovering what is God’s redemptive plan for us

Discover-What-is-God's-Redemptive-Plan-God's-RedemptionLiving in communion with God is the starting point for discovering fully what is God’s redemptive plan for us and mankind. Knowing the purpose of God for our life comes with understanding our identity in Him. It’s not something that comes overnight, but at the same time, it’s written inside of us — it’s part of our DNA. This is why many people who don’t know God struggle with finding their purpose in life.

Living a life independent of God is like not embracing completely the blessing He has for us, and, consequently, we will not be able to fulfill and discover our role on this earth.

Following Jesus

We can’t know what is God’s redemptive plan without being a disciple of Jesus. Jesus promised us a life of abundance, but to understand what this means we need to be followers of the One who came to show us the way. Jesus is our model in everything, and we cannot live a spiritual life without being connected with Him.

Discover-What-is-God's-Redemptive-Plan-DestinyJesus teaches us that a branch on its own can’t bear fruit. In fact, He says that without Him we will die just like a branch cut off from a tree. What are we learning here? It’s all about building a relationship where we depend on Him, and as we do so, we find our place in the big picture that God has in redeeming all the earth.

As we get to know Jesus, we understand the purpose of God for our lives. We live according to His guidance by listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit who lives in us since we accepted His redemption and forgiveness of our sins. This leads to us finding our place. Then we can move with authority in the sphere of influence we are called to, accomplishing the great works that were prepared for us since the beginning. As we see in Ephesians 2:10 (NKJV):

10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Here we see the redemption of our role on earth like it used to be before the fall. In the areas where we will govern according to God’s will, there will be redemption too since things will be redeemed to the original plan.

Final thoughts

Discover-What-is-God's-Redemptive-Plan-Free-LifeGetting to know what is God’s redemptive plan for our lives requires living a life dependent on Him. Through obedience we learn God’s ways, our way of thinking becomes aligned with His kingdom, and our role in the big picture is revealed as we walk side by side with Him.

Walking with Jesus is a lifechanging experience. When we discover God’s purpose for our life we can live the life He called and designed us for. When we trust that He guides us and takes care of us, we are free to take the steps of faith that allow us to move freely. We are free to use our passions for Him, just like Adam did in the garden.

Walking with Jesus is life!

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Thanks for reading the article. Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment below.

God bless you,


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6 thoughts on “Discover What is God’s Redemptive Plan – The Role of Mankind

  1. I loved your article and I hope many people read and follow God, and I know without any doubts where I am today in my life is from following God. I am finally content and at peace with my life, and I never feel alone like in the past since he is always within reach.

    It is scary how our world has become so greedy and just feels so many people have lost their relationship with God, but I pray for all these lost souls to find the right path and be happy once again


    1. Thank you, Jeff,
      I believe that if people fulfill their calling in life, we will see a change in society.
      God bless you so much

  2. What a simply wonderful article!

    I understand a respect Christian’s beliefs (after all I used to be one), and am in awe of individuals such as yourself that have kept the faith.

    I don’t wish to argue any of the points you have made. It is your belief and your faith and it suits you and your life. I just simply found an alternative that better suited me at the time and now (Buddhism!).

    A small story :-

    Quite a few years ago, I did spend several months questioning my own decision and debating with a born-again Christian about my own way forward. The debate actually quite quickly ended when I went to the said individual’s church as a visitor. His wife had gone on ahead of us to pray! But he lied about it to me and said she’d gone on ahead to set up the chairs etc for the congregation. He was embarrassed to admit his wife wanted to pray on her own for a short time before the service began. It was part of her routine. This whole scenario turned me against Christianity once more. As a devout christian, why lie?, why be embarrassed?, why not have faith in what he and his wife were doing?

    Unfortunately it’s minor situations like the above and major situations like the Roman Catholic Paedophile priests that give the Church a bad name. But Christianity is obviously not alone in having bad apples.

    It’s refreshing to read an article from someone that is a Good Christian and maintains their belief and faith.

    Good Luck Sir.

    1. Hi Lawrence,
      thank you for dedicating some time to reading the article. I’m sorry for your bad experience, and I agree with you, lying is not part of God’s nature. Personally I wouldn’t try to bring someone to church by lying to him, actually, we shouldn’t drag people anywhere. Discovering God comes from a longing of our hearts and not by someone trying to convince us that one god is better than another. God is God and people are attracted to Him simply because He is.
      I know many times people can disappoint us, probably I have disappointed many, but if we are really looking for God we should search for Him and His revelation.
      I’m sorry for your bad experiences and I wish you the best for your life.
      God bless you

  3. Isn’t it amazing! God in His Infinite Mercy gave us His Only Son to redeem us. Your article is so refreshing and reminds us of what God did for us through Christ. Thank you so much.

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