Choosing the Best Sound Mixer – Midas M32, Beringer X32

In today’s church, we can see and we will see worship ministries growing more and more. Having good equipment is and will be even more in the future necessary in order to be able to meet the needs of this ministry allowing it to function in a successful way. Electronic instruments are becoming very popular since they facilitate the work of bands but especially of the engineers. But these technologies also are becoming significantly more affordable if compared to just a few years ago. Through the article, we will look at what I believe is the best sound mixer first its price, but also for its quality: the Beringer X32 if budget is lower, and the Midas M32 if the budget is higher.

Some background

Among the mixer companies, Beringer has always been famous for not expensive products, and Midas is always been known for producing high-quality products and the best sound mixer. The Music Group company has acquired these companies and has had the ability to combine together the characteristics of these brands, by offering the best quality at the best price. With this philosophy, in 2012 they released the Beringer X32 and in 2014 the Midas M32.

Looking at these two mixers we can say that they are basically the same product with some variations. Both of them run the same software and user interface, instead, the main difference we can find it in the hardware. If compared with the Beringer, the Midas console has better faders and preamps and it also has a better look. I would say that comparing these two mixers is a bit like comparing an ordinary car with a more fancier one. Both of them will get the job done, but for who is able to afford it, usually will buy the more expensive one.

Why Midas M32 and Beringer X32

Choosing-the-best-sound-mixer-Midas-M32Thinking of analogic vs digital is like comparing an old cell phone with a modern smartphone (maybe like me you had the old Nokia). An old phone would still allow us to make calls and text, but if we think about the potential of a smartphone, there is a huge difference. It is like having a mini-computer in our pocket.

Having the best sound mixer can really make a big difference in how the ministry functions. These are some of the pros of choosing a digital mixer.

  1. The sound and also effects are part of the board
  2. Less gear clutter in church
  3. Motorized faders allow scrolling through the pages
  4. Adjustments can be saved so if they should be modified by someone, you can always go back to saved mix just by pressing a button
  5. Beringer X32 and Midas have a compatible system and can be matched with each other
  6. Ease of use
  7. Choosing-the-best-sound-mixer-Beringer-X32Compatibility with analog systems
  8. Expandability
  9. Wifi remote control
  10. In-ear monitoring (which can be controlled by the musician using an app)
  11. Wireless if needed (for example, for the front leader)
  12. Recording audio to a USB thumb drive
  13. Multitrack recording

Midas M32

The M32 is the new mixer from the famous Midas company, which has been well known for the production of consoles since 1970. The preamplifier has a particular design adapting great technologies that are able to eliminate the imbalances of the gain setting, and also highly improve the common made-rejection ratio (CMRR) and the harmonic distortion. The M32 mixer is able to give a very clear and open sound but most of all, that is very dynamic.

The Midas M32 does not have a great look but also combines high-tech equipment with modern construction. The material used to build it is a lightweight carbon fiber and also high-quality aluminum, which makes this console strong and lightweight at the same time.

  • Weight: 75.8 pounds
  • Behringer X-LIVE X32 Expansion Card is for 32-Channels
  • Output Processing Channels:16
  • Aux Channels: 8
  • Input Channels: 32
  • FX Return Channels: 8
  • Midas Microphone Preamplifiers: 32
  • Internal Effects Engines: 16 (Mono and Stereo)
  • Main LRC: 100
  • Aux buses: 16
  • Matrices: 6
  • Aluminum and carbon fiber

One thing that is really good about it,  is that it has dedicated controls for mic pre, gate, compressor, and EQ.  It also features (like the x32) specific faders that switch to the Aux’s for monitor sends. It also includes dedicated group mute buttons. One other good thing is that it features two headphone jacks and a lamp provided with a bright knob.

The Midas M32 is an excellent mixer. The console features a total number of 40 input channels, eight processing engines, and eight DCA groups. This console has great style and innovation. It is more expensive than the Beringer but it’s worth the expense.  This console has made many happy customers since it has great reviews.

Is it the Midas M32 the best sound mixer?

I would say that is always a good thing to check out some other models in this price range in order to have a better understanding of the value of the product.


  1. Professional service but without spending 20k
  2. Mic pre’s and converters sound very clean
  3. Specific controls for mic pre, for the gate, and for the compressor and the EQ.
  4. Specific faders that switch to the Aux for the monitor sends
  5. Very strong
  6. Two headphone jacks
  7. Very good pre-amps


  1. It doesn’t have much more than the Beringer
  2. some reviews say is a Beringer X32 that has been updated

Overall I think this is a great mixer.

Beringer X32

Beringer X32 is becoming ever more popular on the market, probably because of the relationship between its quality, which is offered at a very good price. Also, it’s very easy to use since it has a friendly user interface.

It’s good for both the professional and the average user, which makes it a very good choice for a church setting that doesn’t have always professionals serving in the church. Also, if in our churches we have more worship bands, probably there will be many people touching and messing with the console, and in most cases, our sound engineer may not be very trained. Having a simple mixer it’s a much better choice, especially if we are thinking to train members of our team.

The Beringer X32 came it came out in 2012 an it’s still an innovative console. This console is able to satisfy all the needs of a modern-day worship band, it’s easy to use and at the same time, it has all that it takes to be a great tool. Especially considering its price range. I would say it is the best sound mixer on the market.

  • Weight- 45.4 pounds
  • Dimensions- 20.8 x 35.4 x 7.9 inches
  • It comes with 2.0 firmware which improves the workflow
  • Remotely controllable
  • Acoustic Integration
  • In-Ear Monitor (IEM) systems
  • Swappable expansion cards connect other multi-channel through ADAT, USB
  • 25 Mixed Buses
  • 25 Programmable MIDAS Preamps
  • 25 Motorized Faders
  • 32 Channel audio interface
  • 40 Simultaneous input channels
  • 29 Programmable LCD Scribble Strips
  • 7″ Color Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) display
  • 8 Digitally Controlled Amplifiers (DCA) groups
  • 2.0 firmware
  • 100-band Real Time Analyzer
  • Quick FX editing
  • 16 FX “Plug-Ins”

Behringer X32 is a great console for any kind of church. It is a great upgrade if you are thinking of going from analogic to digital. It allows a higher number of channels and features if compared with a classical analog board. The mixer is very versatile featuring 40-input channels. However, it’s a bit heavy when compared to the Midas M32. I still believe it’s an excellent audio mixer.


  1. Built well, very solid
  2. Very intuitive
  3. Can assign icons to the instruments
  4. Nice FX
  5.  The Pre-amps do a good job and sound is good ( not as good as Midas)
  6. is also meant to be a studio desk, it has a control room out


  1. Lacking a copy and paste button
  2. Not all of the GUI options are immediate
  3. It doesn’t have a touch screen
  4. The iPad app responds we some delay

Considering the price, I would really say it’s worth it.


If the budget is not much, I suggest to check out the Beringer X32 Compact. Which is even cheaper the classical X32






The Beringer X32 Compact pretty much the same as the X32; it r runs the same software, it has the same connectivity and the same functions. The compact version has fewer number of faders, mic inputs, and main outputs and fewer channels.

These are the most popular mixers used in churches.

Which is the best sound mixer? – My opinion

Choosing-the-best-sound-mixer-my-opinionSomething I always take into consideration when searching for the right product is how we will use it. In our case, if we are thinking to purchase a mixer having a big budget, I would definitely consider the Midas M32. If cost is not a concern, the M32 is the best sound mixer. However, if we are choosing a mixer for a medium-size or a small church, I would definitely get the Beringer X32.

As I mentioned earlier, the Beringer is very similar to the Midas M32. The X32 is heavier and not as fancy as the Midas model, but for a regular church, it is more than enough to satisfy the needs of the worship band. So why spend more if it’s not necessary? If the price of the Midas M32 is not too much, go for it. Keep in mind that the Beringer X32 will probably do the job nearly as well. Also, remember that it’s possible to get an X32 and add M32 components to it.


Final thoughts

Whichever will be our choice, we must keep in mind that having the best equipment and the sound mixer, does not guarantee the success of our ministry. Investing in people is always the best. Having a team that loves God and is committed, and has the right tools, is the recipe for a great ministry.

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I hope you have enjoyed this article. Let me know what you think about it, and if you have any experience with these models, please leave your opinion below.

God bless,


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