Best In Ear Monitors for Singers and Musicians – West Tone AM Pro 30, Mackie mp-240, Shure 215

Hi friends! My name is Andrea Gatti, but you can call me Andy ;). I play drums and Afro-Cuban percussions. When I started my career, I played professionally as a percussionist. Since becoming a believer I have been involved with worship ministry, playing and studying the drums.

The way musicians listen to each other has changed so much, and things like the classic monitors are becoming obsolete. Let’s look at the best in ear monitors for singers and musicians that the market has to offer, from a low budget, going up to professional ones.

Why in ear monitors?

Best-in-ear-monitors-for-singers-and-musicians-stageThere are many benefits of using the best in-ear monitors for singers but also for musicians. As I mentioned, classic monitors are becoming obsolete and there are a few reasons why this is happening.

  • First of all, the monitors increase the volume on stage. In situations where it’s required to keep the sound at a low volume the classic monitors aren’t ideal.
  • Classic monitors require cables to run on stage and this can get untidy if there are no ducts to allow the passage of the cables.
  • The in ear monitor can be wireless and allow the singer to move freely on stage.
  • With a digital sound mixer, musicians can regulate their own levels just by using an app on their phone.
  • The overall quality will be better for the musicians since they will be regulating their own volumes. Also, the sound from the PA will be much better due to the fact that the stage volume will be reduced drastically.

These models have different qualities which obviously determine the price. Most importantly, we will consider the number of drivers that each model has. The drivers are the cones inside the speakers, just like a stereo speaker would have. The bigger cones are dedicated to the lower frequencies and the smaller ones instead are for the higher frequencies. The more drivers are present in the monitor, the more the sound will be defined and clear since it will be projected in a more defined way.

Shure 215

Shure 215
Best-in-ear-monitors-for-singers-and-musicians-Shure215This is the first model from my selection of the best in ear monitors for singers and musicians. I believe these are the first model I would consider if we are looking for good quality sound. Although they are a single driver monitor, they are still able to broadcast good quality sound. In fact, this model is widely used because of their quality vs their price.



  1. Single driver but still able to broadcast good quality sound
  2. Removable cables allow us to change them if they should break or get damaged, but also allows to attach the monitors directly to a wireless pack. (Great tool if you want to move freely on stage.)
  3. Customizable earbuds to adapt to all ear shapes
  4. Cleaning tool which makes them more hygienic for the musician. The monitors will last longer since they won’t get stuck or blocked with ear wax.
  5. Carrying case to protect the monitors when stored and transported

Mackie MP-240

Best-in-ear-monitors-for-singers-and-musicians-MakieMP240The Mackie MP-240 is the second choice for the best in ear monitors for singers and musicians that I recommend. I consider this model a step above the Shure 215. They still have a good quality vs price, but of course, they are more expensive. They feature two drivers which makes a difference from the one driver models; the bass driver allows the sound to be richer, i.e. “a fat sound”. This is very good if playing a rhythmic instrument that requires a better definition of the bass line.


  1. Two drivers allow great definition and clarity of sound
  2. Removable cables — this model allows you to change the wires if damaged and also to connect the monitors to a wireless system, providing freedom on stage
  3. Customizable earbuds to adapt to all ear shapes
  4. Cleaning tools for good maintenance and hygiene
  5. Carrying case to protect and transport the monitors

West Tone AM Pro 30

Best-in-ear-monitors-for-singers-and-musicians-West-Tone-AMpro30The last model of the best ear monitors for singers and also musicians are the West Tone AM Pro30. Although all the models we have looked at are good quality and great monitors, the AM Pro30 is definitely a step above the others — a real professional tool. They feature three drivers which allow a super clear and defined sound, allowing the musician to listen to all the little details and to all the richness of the music. The West Tone AM Pro 30 has an extra feature — filters that allow ambiance to be perceived by the musician without isolating completely from the external sound. This is great in a live context, especially in a church. Often, if we are completely isolated, we can’t hear the crowd singing or perceive anything that doesn’t go through our monitor system to create a much more natural sound.


  1. Three driver system for amazing definition
  2. Removable cables which allow other connections such as a wireless system. You can replace the cables without needing to throw away the monitor just because the cable got damaged.
  3. Ambiance filters to perceive external sound
  4. Customizable earbuds to adapt to all ear shapes
  5. Cleaning tools for maintenance and hygiene
  6. Carrying case for protection and transport


Best In Ear Monitors for singers and musicians – My opinion

The-Worship-and-Art-reviews-my-opinionAs I always say, before we go and purchase any product, we need to pay attention to how we are going to use it. I’m sure these questions will help with choosing the best in ear monitors for singers and musicians. 


  • Are we professionals who do many live events or play very often in order to justify the expense of a professional product? If this is the case, I would say to go for the West Tone AM Pro 30.


  • Are we in the middle? By the middle, I mean someone who is neither a professional, nor willing to spend the amount of money to buy a professional product, but who is willing to invest in a good quality, nearly professional product. If you see yourself in this category, the Mackie MP-240 would be good for you.


  • Are we looking for a quality product but on a limited budget? The Shure 215 will meet our requirements.


Final thoughts

Best-in-ear-monitors-for-singers-and-musiciansIn my opinion, choosing the best in ear monitors for singers and musicians is a must. Being able to hear clearly is very important for those who are involved not only in worship ministry but for anybody who wants to hear music at quality standards.

Something to keep in consideration is the use of a product before spending money on it. All of these are good quality in ear monitors that range in price from budget to professional. The more we pay, the more we expect from a product. However, we may not need a professional monitor and buying a good quality budget-friendly product will meet our requirements.

As a drummer, I prefer using my headphones, but these have a cable and I wouldn’t recommend them for a musician who needs to move around on stage or who is singing in the front. Instead, in ear monitors are a great solution for anyone who needs freedom on stage.

In the end, it’s also a matter of taste — some prefer headphones and some prefer in-ear. Whichever you choose, I always recommend quality. Going cheap will only cause frustration, and in the end, it usually leads to us spending even more money since we will end up replacing the bad model.

I hope this article helps you choose the option that best meets your needs.

Click here to get some tips on how to improve the sound with the equipment you already have.

Feel free to ask any questions and to leave any comments below. I will answer as soon as possible ;).

Wish you the best,


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4 thoughts on “Best In Ear Monitors for Singers and Musicians – West Tone AM Pro 30, Mackie mp-240, Shure 215

  1. Hi Andy, thanks for sharing your top ear monitor recommendations. I appreciate advice coming from a professional. It makes my decision much easier. All these sound and look fantastic, but I think that west tone am pro 30 would be the best choice. Thanks again!

  2. I wasn’t familiar with the drivers in ear monitors, its part in quality and defined sound would definitely make a difference depending on your own needs and use. I feel you have given comprehensive review of each type while offering something that could fit into any budget. Thanks for sharing!

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