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About me

I grew up in Italy, in the province of Milan. After finishing my music studies at Centro Professione Musica di Milano, I came to know the Lord while working as a professional Musician.

Responding to the Lord’s call, I began a time of spiritual formation in England in a Christian community. When I returned to Italy, I connected with a Christian organization called YWAM (Youth With a Mission). First, I completed a Discipleship Training School (DTS) at the Milan base. Then, I attended a School of Worship (SOW) in Lakeside, Montana (USA).

I was part of the YWAM Milano team, then with my wife, we opened a YWAM location in Northern Italy, with the focus on worship. I have always been involved with worship ministry, leading schools/courses, traveling to the nations and partnering with friends and different ministries like the House of Prayer. I also serve in my local church, and I still study and teach music.

I am married to Rachel, who I met during my studies with Youth With a Mission, and we have two daughters.

I love the arts, especially music. My dream is to see Italy and the nations blossom in their unique identity, each one expressing its specific character for the glory of God.

 Why The Worship and Art?

I love to see people grow in their gifting. I believe that if we are committed we can do anything we are called to do. Having the right tools is necessary in order to grow. Here at The Worship and Art, I want to provide the necessary tools for the growth of worship ministries and see Godly inspired artists (musical, visual, etc.) expressing the Kingdom of God.

the-worship-and-art-ideasExpressions of worship are in continuous evolution. In order to achieve our calling and better serve in our sphere of influence, it’s vital to have a good foundation and keep up with God’s timing.

Art, beauty, and creativity are part of the nature of God. As artists, creatives or communicators, we have a role in the world to reveal God’s glory and goodness to all people. (Psalm 67:1) I love to see artists rising up in their calling and sharing their message with the world.

 The Goal

The goal of The Worship and Art is to facilitate the journey of the worshipper and the artist, giving them the tools for healthy growth. 

We provide you with the Biblical foundation and some helpful tips and tools to inspire your ministry, in order for you to find the right balance between building a godly character and having a good inspiration as an artist.

I look forward to walking with you on this journey.

All the Best, Andy



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